The Chisel is made with High Carbon Alloyed Steel, hardened to 60 HRC.
When coupled with the protective lacquer finish, this will ensure rugged durability, safety and a long life.
The virgin Cellulose Acetate handles are provided in multiple colors (red, orange, green, blue yellow, and brown.) as to allow the appropriate size of blade to be easily matched with a designated color, targeted for DIY'ers.
The luster and transparency will stay with the product forever and ensure its appearance reflects the chisels' safety and durability credentials.

Item No. Overall length (Long Blade) Width
14201-06250 250mm 1/4"(6mm)
14201-10250 250mm 3/8"(10mm)
14201-12250 250mm 1/2"(12mm)
14201-16250 250mm 5/8"(16mm)
14201-18250 250mm 3/4"(18mm)
14201-25250 250mm 1"(25mm)
14201-32250 250mm 1-1/4"(32mm)
14201-38250 250mm 1-1/2"(38mm)


Item No. Overall length (Short Blade) Width
14200-06220 220mm 1/4"(6mm)
14200-10220 220mm 3/8"(10mm)
14200-12220 220mm 1/2"(12mm)
14200-16220 220mm 5/8"(16mm)
14200-18220 220mm 3/4"(18mm)
14200-25220 220mm 1"(25mm)
14200-32220 220mm 1-1/4"(32mm)
14200-38220 220mm 1-1/2"(38mm)
14200-50220 220mm 2"(50mm)