Dead Blow Hammer


  • This hammer's main body is of steel structure, and is filled with high-hard steel beads for striking auxiliary and shock absoption.
  • It can strike accurately.
  • The outside of this hammer is covered with a uniquely developed high impact-resistant synthetic rubber which prevents sudden cracks during application and prolongs the life of this hammer.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures between -30℃ and 90℃,ø45mm grips made of different hard synthetic rubbers can further limit numbness and injuries during heavy applications.

Item No. Head Weight Oz.(Gram) Overall Length Diameter
05100-14350 14oz(400gm) 260mm 35mm
05100-18450 18oz(520gm) 286mm 45mm
05100-37550 37oz(1050gm) 350mm 55mm
05100-53650 52oz(1500gm) 370mm 65mm