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About Us

ARK Tools International Corp. offer a full package of hand tools for the industry of auto repair, construction and home improvement. ARK tools are 100% genuinely made in Taiwan, a guarantee of high quality and product innovations.


arca is a major brand of high quality hand tools. Focused market research, unique design combined with quality manufacturing, selective distribution channels and strategic partners, all contribute to arca success across South East Asia, in the middle East and on the African continent. ARK Tools continuously provides the industry with new and innovative tool designs, exclusively designed under the arca brand.


arca products are distributed in selected countires through carefully chosen partners, retailers, and specialty stores. Our selection strategies are designed to combine maximum effectiveness, quality of service and fast market impact.

 Furthermore, ARK's development team implements meticulous manufacturing quality inspections during all production phases, and has developed manufacturing stragegies to keep ARK competitive and quick to the market.